Tagging Hate

As we can tell from the last episode there’s going to be a lot of hate on the Dennifer/Jerek ship.

Hell I’m not telling you not to hate, hate can fuel so much creativity so please hate away.

As a Sterek shipper I can’t wait till Jennifer dies in some tragic accident and Derek runs into the arms of a comforting Stiles for some obscene and very graphically depicted sexy times.

But please DON’T TAG THEIR SHIP with your hatred.


Everybody is entitled to their opinions but when that opinion may offend others, do NOT throw it in their faces. We always complain about Sterek haters tagging the Sterek tag so don’t go around and do the same thing please.

We’re better than that

Is it just me?

Stiles and Derek don’t interact much in the first half of the season  -Interview with Dylan O’Brien

"But I had an idea for Jeff, that when we do finally meet…Stiles should just say, ‘I missed you.’” - Dylan O’Brien

He wrote a scene with me (talking about Dylan) for episode 306. I’m trying to get him to do more.” - Jeff Davis via Tumblr


PSA: Do your civic duty, Vote Sterek
A little math

So as the poll ends we see

Teen Wolf: Stiles & Derek (Sterek)  57.2%  (327,912 votes)  

327,912 / 24 (hours in a day) / 7 (days the poll was open for)
= 1951.86                                                                                                                             which MEANS there is at least 1951 die hard Sterek fans that voted every single hour of every single day, now realistically not everyone voted every hour so that number triples and quadruples easily                                                                                                                                                                             there are THOUSANDS if not TENS of THOUSANDS of people wanting Sterek to happen                                                                                                                      
Sorry, I was forbade from the kitchen years ago but here’s my submission

Sorry, I was forbade from the kitchen years ago but here’s my submission

Misdirected Energy
Fanfiction tropes
Sheriff: I have a gun you know?
Stiles: My dad has a gun.
Derek: Your dad, he has a gun.
Me: You don't say...-.-
He’s watching us, now go vote!!
Project: Occupy EW in full swing…excellent

Join in on the fun! We’ve filled up pages 8-24 in wall to wall of Sterek, Gawd I love this fandom

Hate the fighting

So I was really sad when I saw absolutely no Sterek in the finale

But then I went to the Stydia tag and just got depressed, I can only imagine how sad they feel having their ship damaged like that in a season finale. Imagine if it was Stiles and Lydia there in each others arms while Derek’s standing at the side, I would break.


Though we’ve had our differences, at the end of the day we’re just a bunch of hopeful shippers wanting our ships to sail. So keep shipping Stydia shippers, you never know what Jeff might throw in the future. Six seasons and a movie!